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Batch File Compiler Professional Edition protects your scripts and prevents users from viewing or modifying your batch file code with encryption.

Learning the simple batch file language and compiling your script to EXE is the easiest way to develop Windows applications!

  • Convert any BAT file to EXE format
  • DOS/Win95/98/Me/2000/XP/VISTA/Win7/Win8 compatible
  • Invisible Mode will run your EXE completely silent
  • Select EXE Icon
  • Select EXE Product version and Company info
  • Option to Password Protect EXE
  • Hides the contents of your batch file from viewing and change with encryption
  • Embed additional dependency files in to one EXE
  • Very useful for installations and automation tasks
  • Compiled EXE do not require DLL libraries to run
  • You may create unlimited products

     This product has evolved in to Advanced BAT to EXE Converter. If you would like to use
Mouse Input and 40+ powerful unique Extended Commands unavailable with normal batch files, please check it out. Many Graphical Enhancements, print centered text, gather and process user input, math functions, generate random numbers, print color text anywhere on the screen. Also Windows Common Dialog to browse files and folders.

Batch File Compiler PE LITE is free for personal use.
Only $17.95 for the PAID version.

BAT to EXE free download
Download Batch File Compiler PE LITE v2.75
( Released Nov 26th, 2012 )

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